October 2021 Liquid Net Worth and Income (Dividend & Interest) Growth

Hello Friends! What a fantastic month. Don’t we all wish every month could be like October?

As many of you know, we have been traveling around for quiet sometime and spent a lot of money while traveling. I did the math, and our total spending came up to a bit over $14,000 CAD for our 2.5 months tour of Iraq, Turkey, and Greece.

Passive Income Dividend and interest income
Savings (Fiat & Cryptocurrency) Accounts Keeps Surpassing Dividends

I have been documenting our travel in our travel blog section which includes lots of observations and photos.

As I wrote on Twitter earlier, we went over our anticipated $12K budget. Do I prefer to have +$400K invested or enjoy a dream vacation building memories with family? Of course, we are all saving to enjoy life and be happy. Money should buy happiness. It is just a tool to reach a goal!

In a near future post, I am planning to write about my strategy on using different debit and credit cards to save on ATM withdrawal fees, foreign exchange fees, and most importantly travel insurance.

Welcome back to another exciting Liquid Net Worth and Income Update! I hope you are enjoying my exciting reports including my first cryptocurrency income in May 2021 Monthly Report.

In addition to my cryptocurrency stocks (ETHC & DEFI), I also invest in some exciting ETFs including HBLK which is a Blockchain ETF. Take a look at My Exotic Series of the Best ETFs in Canada to know what ETFs I buy.

I also got into buying cryptocurrencies and stablecoins just before the big May crash which used to hurt. However, with the recent new ATHs in the crypto market including Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, I am making some great returns. If you’d like to know how to start read my Complete Cryptocurrency Purchase, Exchange, Wallet, and ETF Guide.

Short Story: Couple months ago, I participated in an event called Supercharger in Crypto.com. This event involves depositing $CRO tokens in return of another token. The one I participated at was for $SHIB. My free earned $SHIB run 1267% in 3 months.

I initially wanted to only sell a bit of it but I couldn’t handle the thoughts of becoming a multimillionaire overnight, so I cashed it out and bought more $ETH and Stablecoins.

Feel free to read more about my journey from the beginning and how we started from zero just years ago by reading my post here. You can also find my first ever income report here Jan-Feb 2021 Net Worth and Income Update. In addition, previous months report are here.

Extra Side Hustle Income Report – $1423.39 (Including Credit Cards)

If you recall, I complained about eBay which blocked my seller account without giving explanation about their final decision! However, after 2 months of waiting I got paid for my last sale which went in my Tangerine (Referral: 43640010S1) account rather than PayPal.

Here is the list of who paid me in October.

If you have some extra change to spare, why not sending me some of it? You know it is going for a great cause of freeing someone and his family from the corporate world! Just do it, friend!

  • Wealthsimple Cash: $Babylon
  • Cryptocurrency: $ETH $USDC $TCAD 0xA2FA6728282d8c9f98a9fb1E4e906A294EbDEF06
  • PayPal: [email protected]

Wealthsimple Cash referrals are still in hibration mode. I was hoping to get more cashback but unfortunately nobody signed up. I am still thankful for the $220 I received in the past. You can read my Complete Wealthsimple Cash review and Guide.

Join WS Cash & Get $10

Wealthsimple Cash pays $10 for using my Sign-up link. You can then start inviting your family and friends to make some fantastic easy money. No deposit is required. You get the $10 as long as you never had a Wealthsimple Cash which is different than a Wealthsimple Trade account.

Similar to Wealthsimple, I love STACK and use it when abroad for free ATM withdrawals and no Foreign Exchange. I used it in Greece to withdraw Euro and in Turkey to withdraw Turkish Lira in my recent trip without issues. The only charge was the one applied by the foreign bank ATM.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, I had 3 new referrals for Celsius Network in October. This added $150 USD worth of Bitcoin to my Celsius account.

In July, I received another $50 by applying to a new credit card and using GCR (Great Canadian Rebates). I think every Canadian should be a member of this site. You can sign-up using my GCR Referral Link. Please note that GCR asks for a referral email which is [email protected].

As I mentioned, I got some great credit cards which are paying me now. I will write in details about the credit cards and how much I earned but the estimated total that I cashed out this month was $996!

This brings the total hustle income to $1423.39 for the month of October.

Current Non-Chequing Accounts

If you read my July report, you know that I got a $20,000 personal Line of Credit with 2.45% interest rate. I initially used some of that to earn Crypto interest. I basically leveraged $7K to receive 12% interest while paying 2.45%. However, I paid off all the loan while I was on vacation due to the unknown factor!

However, since I returned to Canada and fortunately nothing unexpected (Read test Positive for Covid and get stuck somewhere in the world) happened, I will be reinvesting that money to earn more passive income.

I will write a review about Crypto.com but I am in LOVE! 8% for flexible earn or 10-12% for 1 or 3 months plans. I also got the Crypto.com credit card which I think is one of the best cards I’ve ever had.

This card gives me unlimited lounge access, covered Spotify and Netflix, and 3% cashback in $CRO on 90% of my purchases.

Honestly, CeFi (Centralized Finance) is as awesome as DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and both are making TraFi (Traditional Finance) looks so ugly (For now at least)!

Wealthsimple Trade is Canada’s first $0 commission App.
Please sign-up using my referral code 8RR_5G to receive two free stocks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Questrade-Trade.jpg

To get up to $250 or a free month in Questwealth, please use my Referral QPass 646713816388276.

I didn’t invest any money in August or September. However, I got back on track and invested some money into all our accounts including Taxable, TFSA, RRSP, RESP, and Crypto in October.

QuestradeRoboTFSA$81,656.98Mrs. Dreamer
QuestradeRoboRESP$49,073.24Girl A & B
TangerineHISAHISA$1,748.47Mr. Dreamer
MeridianGICRRSP$15,149.39Mr. Dreamer
MeridianGICTFSA$6,459.08Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICLIRA$22,061.82Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICRRSP$21,708.95Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICTFSA$44,899.5Mr. Dreamer
WealthsimpleTradePersonal$14,303.06Mr. Dreamer
WealthsimpleTradeTFSA$31,654.86Mr. Dreamer
WealthsimpleTradeRRSP$53,655.17Mr. Dreamer
CryptocurrencyCryptoPersonal$48,192.52Mr. Dreamer
Current Status of Our Accounts

I maximized my kids’ RESP. However, I still have some room for my wife’s TFSA that I need to maximize.

Current Net Worth & $14,570 Liquid Net Worth Increase

I honestly can’t believe the numbers I am seeing. Maybe we are living in a bubble but I will keep believing in investment in great companies and technologies. I also think a little bit of meme exposure can be useful to boost the income (Thank you $SHIB)!

Despite, our extra spending of $14,010 while still paying bills in Canada, Our Net Worth grew to $392,951.11 by Nov 1st, 2021. This is a $14,570 increase since my Oct’s report.

I can’t imagine how I used to live through HISA chasing and GIC account!

Liquid net worth increase through passive income, dividend, and crypto earning
Nov Liquid Net Worth increase by $14,570 to $392,951.11

Looking at the chart, I love how we were blessed to increase our liquid net worth by 28.44% Year over Year (YoY) or $87,020. Do you think we can reach the $400K milestone soon? I hope so.

Dividends & Savings Accounts Income

Since January 2021, I started calculating our income from dividends and savings accounts. You can also find my previous monthly Money Reports here.

I will not report detailed stock or ETF income here till it becomes more meaningful which will be Q1 2022. However, if you follow my journey on Twitter, I post whenever some interesting dividends land in my account.

Here are the numbers for 2021. Total 2021 income is $8,428.94. My goal for 2021 is to reach an average $1,000 monthly income. Currently, the average is $842.89. Two more months to go.

I hope my Stabelcoins (USDC and TCAD) investment starts generating $500 monthly. The high savings income came through one of my GIC’s annual payments.

MonthDividendsHISA & GIC CryptocurrencyTotal
Jan 2021$571.03$206.14$0.00$777.17
Feb 2021$40.28$295.02$0.00$335.30
Mar 2021$305.00$510.29$0.00$815.29
Apr 2021$78.22$256.49$0.00$334.71
May 2021$164.77$259.35$20.30$424.12
Jun 2021$399.59$216.48$113.07$729.14
Jul 2021$797.74$214.04$290.45$1,302.23
Aug 2021$317.66$215.56$293.56$826.78
Sept 2021$431.40$216.83$307.15$955.38
Oct 2021$608.39$727.09$451.00$1786.48
Monthly Income Report Table

Cryptocurrency Income

I am earning Cryptocurrency and Stablecoins income from 4 channels which are Nexo Exchange, Cake DeFi, Celsius Network, and my newest addition Crypto.com.

I didn’t use any new money to purchase any kind of digital assets during August and September. However, I converted some $TCAD and $USDC to diversify and unsuccessfully get another promotion from Celsius.

My holdings are 70% Stablecoins ($TCAD and $USDC) which track CAD and US Dollars and not impacted by any Crypto fluctuation. The rest are Cryptocurrencies like $MATIC, $BTC (Bitcoin), $ETH (Ether), $DFI (DeFi Coin), $CEL (Celsius), $NEXO (Nexo), $BCH (Bitcoin Cash), $CRO (Crypto).

Don’t laugh but my best performing Crypto was $SHIB which I received by using Crypto.com’s Supercharger feature and couldn’t handle the huge growth so sold it for a good profit.

Here is the current status of my Cryptocurrency portfolio. You can read more details about each account on my Cryptocurrency Portfolio & How to Earn 12% post.

Calculating income and converting to Canadian Dollar is a bit time consuming so I am mostly calculating my income from Crypto.com and Celsius Network while ignoring the small payout from Nexo and Cake.

The earning from Celsius comes every Monday morning. However, Crypto.com pays every 7th day of the date the term started. I now receive payments every day of the week. It is so addictive!

Last month, I was up $6,714.57 or 15.38% on my Crypto investments excluding the crazy SHIB reward which is exceptional so I am not counting in.

Liquid Net Worth and Passive Income Update Summary

To summarize, I made $1423.39 in side hustle income in October. I also had $1786.48 income from other sources like Dividends, HISA, and Crypto Earnings. I am moving forward with my cryptocurrency investment and ditching traditional banking systems especially for emergency funds.

This brings my total October’s passive income to a surprisingly high $3,209.87.

My dividend income will keep growing along my Cryptocurrency income every month and I hope by the end of this year, my income from these sources surpass an average $1,000 monthly. Next month shall be a really interesting month.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions or feedbacks.

2 thoughts on “October 2021 Liquid Net Worth and Income (Dividend & Interest) Growth

  1. You definitely have a barbell portfolio at the moment: GICs on one end, crypto on the other. Do you plan on converting some of your GICs to more crypto or equities in the future?

    1. Hello AnotherLoonie,

      Indeed, I also think my portfolio is still in a work in progress status. I was a GIC guy when interest rates were high and afraid of the market. This mentality changed so I am being more flexible and taking extra educated risks now.

      Yes. My GICs are all registered accounts LIRA, TFSA, and RRSP so there is no room for Crypto there (I don’t like Crypto ETFs for many reasons). They will all be split between Questrade & Wealthsimple. QT cause, WS doesn’t offer LIRA yet. I will go all WS if they offer LIRA by the time my LIRA GIC matures.

      BTW, my average interest on my GICs are 3.2% so it is not too horrible for a no-risk game.

      Mr. Dreamer

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