April 2021 Net Worth and Income Update – Fantastic $7K Increase

Net Worth and Income Update

As mentioned previously, I am in the cleaning up process. Feel free to read more about my journey from the beginning and how we started from zero just years ago by reading my post here.

You can also find my first ever income report here Jan-Feb 2021 Net Worth and Income Update. In addition, previous months report can be found on March 2021 Net Worth and Income Update.

Extra Side Hustle Income Report ($955)

I didn’t realize it added up to $955. This really shows how every penny matters and efforts pay off. I will use $700 of this money to do some very much needed maintenance on the car this week including changing the brakes and front control arms.

My eBay business made some progress resulting in a sweet $415 profit after deducting the very high eBay fees and shopping costs. This is not as fancy as the Disaster Girl Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) meme which was sold for 180 Ethereum ($500K).

I also made my first $20 on LEO Surveys (Leger Opinion) by spending little time doing some surveys. Feel free to use my LEO Surveys Referral Link to sign-up and start racking up some extra cash.

Thanks to my friend @thumbsupdeals I got a $25 free by applying for Wealthsimple Cash. I also referred my wife and we each got an additional $25 so that’s another easy $75 by spending couple minutes. Read my Complete Wealthsimple Cash review and Guide.

The $25 bonus is now over after 2 days of campaign but you can still get a $5 bonus by clicking here. I hope Wealthsimple Cash becomes the dominant P2P cash service in Canada. STACK didn’t have much success but we shall see.

I have been also using a program offered to IT Professionals called Learn and Earn. I participate in webinars and skills improvement sessions and earn some extra income. I received $105 this month from this program. There is also a chance to win $300-$500 Amazon Gift Cards through the program.

And finally, I made $340 by applying to different credit cards and using GCR (Great Canadian Rebates). I think every Canadian should be a member of this site. You can sign-up using my GCR Referral Link (Note: GCR asks for referral email which is [email protected]). This site has huge offerings like below ones. This won’t repeat itself until at least October.

GCR (Great Canadian Rebates)
GCR (Great Canadian Rebates)

Current Non-Chequing Accounts

I am slowly moving funds from GIC and Robo accounts to Trade accounts to have more control. My goal is to only leave Girl A & B’s RESP in Questrade Robo account (Questwealth).

GIC accounts are all over the place but I have good interest rates in 2.75% – 3.75% range. However, I am not renewing any GICs anymore and moving them to trade accounts in WealthSimple upon maturity. Hopefully WealthSimple will offer trading LIRA account by the time my LIRA GIC matures in April 2023.

Most our GICs are maturing in April 2022 and till then I will keep moving the current cash from HISA and RRSP and TFSA accounts from Questwealth. One step at a time and sticking with my gradual investing in the market. Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) makes me sleep better at night.

I love WealthSimple Trade. It is really simple and no commission. I feel it is much better to save the trading money in my pocket rather than giving it out by using our trading platforms. However, I do my research and check technical via Questrade. The combination has been working great.

Wealthsimple Trade is Canada’s first $0 commission App.
Please sign-up using my referral code 8RR_5G to receive your free $10 to trade.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Questrade-Trade.jpg

To get up to $250 or a free month in Questwealth, please use my Referral QPass 646713816388276.

QuestradeRoboTFSA$76,276.36Mrs. Dreamer
QuestradeRoboRESP$42,837.31Girl A & B
QuestradeRoboRRSP$32,400.92Mr. Dreamer
QuestradeRoboTFSA$73,47.36Mr. Dreamer
TangerineHISAHISA$43,266.22Mr. Dreamer
MeridianGICRRSP$14,601.82Mr. Dreamer
MeridianGICTFSA$6,459.08Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICLIRA$21,705.12Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICRRSP$21,415.61Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICTFSA$44,292.87Mr. Dreamer
WealthsimpleTradePersonal$$6,414.02Mr. Dreamer
WealthsimpleTradeTFSA$15,819.68Mr. Dreamer
WealthsimpleTradeRRSP$17,186.99Mr. Dreamer
Current Status of our Accounts

Current Net Worth & 2% MoM Net Worth Increase

Our Net Worth grew to $351,152.36 by May 1st, 2021. This is a $6,891.27 or 2% MoM increase. Most of this came from saving from work income with a small portion due to market increase and other incomes most notable the hustle incomes mentioned.

Looking at the chart, I love how we were blessed to have maintained the 34% Year over Year (YoY) increase of $89,224.

Dividends & Savings Accounts Income

Since January 2021, I started calculating our income from dividends and savings accounts. You can also find my previous monthly Money Reports here.

I will not report detailed stock or ETF income till it becomes more meaningful which will be Q3 2021. Here are the numbers for 2021. Total 2021 income is sitting at $2,261.67.

MonthDividendsSavings AccountsTotal
Jan 2021$571.03$206.14$777.17
Feb 2021$40.28$295.02$335.30
Mar 2021$305.00$510.29$815.29
Apr 2021$78.22$256.49$334.71
Monthly Income Report Table

And to give a bit of more details. Here is my current Wealthsimple Trading accounts status. There was a 0.52% total gain while expecting a 4.81% Annual Dividends Yield. The numbers will fluctuate as I keep progressing toward direct market investment.

The most interesting ETFs I bought recently were $HBLK (Blockchain Technologies ETF), $PSYK (Psychedelic ETF), $TRVL (Travel and Leisure ETF), and $EDGE (Innovation ETF).

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions or feedbacks.

10 thoughts on “April 2021 Net Worth and Income Update – Fantastic $7K Increase

  1. Great job Mr. Dreamer! Keep up the great work. The GCR rebates are great! They take a bit of time to hit the Paypal account though but I am not complaining.

    1. Thank you, GYM! Yes, those GCR’s are amazing. There is also rates.ca which I got $75 from them previously for the free Tangerine MC. And true takes a while to get the money. I haven’t received mine yet but I can see it posted on my GCR Balance. I am debating if I should get Amazon Gift Card for an extra 3.25% or stick with the cash. What do you think?

  2. Very solid progress. I need to look into applying for credit cards and maximize the sign up bonuses again. Been slacking off on that front haha.

    1. Hi Bob! Thanks for stopping by. I am trying my best even though it is a bit challenging. Yes, I love those Credit Cards bonuses. My next phase of cards will be the ones with 10% cash back bonus. It is never late! I also think AmEx has so many great offers including Business cards.

    1. Totally. It is a tricky one though but by getting $PSYK we are hopefully reducing the risk. I am 14% down on that holdings but I keep adding slowly. It is a long-term investment. I am not planning to sell this at all and hope it booms at one point.

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