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Vibrant Dreamer Dreams

Vibrant Dreamer’s Goals

Mr. Dreamer takes you through his journey towards becoming Financially Independent using some simple techniques which includes spending wisely and Investing brightly!

He is also a Travel Addict who is working on seeing every country on the planet! Welcome & Enjoy My Vibrant Journey! Yes, I SEE A DREAMER!


Big goals start by dreaming. It is Feb 12th, 2021. The world is kind of falling apart while waiting for the miracles of vaccinations and I have been already waiting for a comeback since last March. With lots of time to kill, I started to wander and wonder.

My main hobby, seeing the world, is on pause. Luckily, once upon a time we used to travel spontaneously. There my second passion kicks in, Personal Finance. I decided to spend time writing about my life journey.

A diary to share with the world.  Here comes the birth miracle! VIBRANTDREAMER.COM was born. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more happy years.

The Dreams’ Checklist

  • MARRY the best woman (Hopefully my mom isn’t reading this) I met in life (ACCOMPLISHED)
  • IMMIGRATE to a peaceful place with a higher quality of life (ACCOMPLISHED)
  • Get a powerful PASSPORT to be able to travel easier (Less visa applications) (ACCOMPLISHED)
  • RAISE a healthy happy family to see successful independent kids (IN PROCESS)
  • VISIT every country in the world (195 including Palestine and Vatican) (IN PROCESS)
  • FIWOOT Financial Independence Work on Own Terms (IN PROCESS)
  • Buy a CAMPER for a 6 months life in Canada after FIWOOT! (IN PLANNING – NO START DATE YET)

As you see, these are not complicated dreams at all (You agree, right?) but they need some planning and sacrifices with tens of micro goals to accomplish the major ones.

Mr. Dreamer’s Identity, History and Background

Now, let’s talk seriously. I will be Mr. Dreamer (Or just Dreamer for simplicity) till I feel more comfortable revealing my secret life to the world. I am a husband and a father of 2 adorable girls.

A dreamer who started dreaming over a decade ago in Iraq where I was born! After graduating from engineering school in 2007, I got married to the most amazing lady any man can dream of. I might talk about life in Iraq after 2003 in future blog posts.

The Immigration Journey from Iraq to Canada

After both of us (My wife and I) kept working double shifts 12 hours a day while living in the tiniest apartment on the 4th floor (with no elevator) and no windows (Except in the kitchen), we had enough money to get going!

We had jobs there, but it wasn’t fulfilling the dream. This means, we needed the change and what better than building a new life in Canada!

We applied, waited, and finally our papers got processed and the Canadian Visa got stamped. Nine years later we became Canadian Citizens! Nothing changed fundamentally. We are the same people, but we now have a 2nd home which embraced us.

We are building and contributing to this beautiful (and coldish) country in return.

Since coming to Canada we had 3 major moves. However, it seems we are finally settled in Quebec, Canada. I worked for multiple companies since our arrival but have been with the same employer since 2018. I do not have an intention of switching my job unless they decided my services are no longer needed!

Mrs. Dreamer and The Kiddos

In 2011, our first baby was born! A little princess I will call Girl A and in 2014 Girl B welcomed the world with joy (And lots of tears).

Mrs. Dreamer has been taking care of the kids till this moment after completely giving up on becoming an engineer again! She writes novels in Arabic (Our mother tongue) but sadly, there is not really any income from that job.

Personal Financial Saving Journey Toward Independency (FIWOOT) & Retirement

Financially and for the sake of transparency, we landed in Canada with $10200 in 2010. That amount dropped down to $1360 by Aug 2011 when I finally got my first full-time job in Canada making $16 an hour.

We just had our first baby while being all alone in a new country. Fast forward to 2020, our net worth grew to $314200 on a single five figure income with great saving managements.

YES to Vibrant Dreamer's Dreams

I am working on increasing our passive income through multiple channels. First channel is dividend incomes from valuable companies (No intention to becoming a yield chaser). Other channels include hustle jobs and income from Crypto earnings.

2021 and 2022 will be busy years as I am aiming to raise our net worth to $500K (HALF A MILLION DOLLAR). A comfortable retirement will not come without working hard, planning, and investing.

You can read more about my financial situation under First Financial Report post.

A Financial, Travel, Life, and Technology Blog

I will write about anything related to the major dreams mentioned above but my main coverage will be personal and family finance.

I will explain how to live a comfortable life with multiple international trips yearly on a single income while planning to be financially independent by having $2M in savings generating $70,000 annually. This is called “Make your money work for you“.

I also get this question a lot. “How do you afford traveling?” The answer is simple. Traveling can be really cheap if done after planning. I toured all Ecuador recently including its volcanos and the Amazon for $1100 CAD (Including flights).

Therefor, I will write about family and solo budget traveling including with lots of visual travel reports. Other topics I am enthusiastic about are parenting and technology which I will occasionally cover.

Honestly, there is a lot in my mind to share and being anonymous gives me the freedom to write and share without any pressure.

Please understand that I am not a financial expert.  What you read here is all about a normal middle-class guy trying to do the right thing which has proven to be the correct path so far.

Everything I write is from my own personal proven experience. I am not going to endorse or promote any product I have not successfully used personally.

Thank you

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave me your comments or questions below and don’t forget to share my content and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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