The Combined Magic Of Canadian Dividend Income Earnings, Feb 2023

My first combined report in June 2022 was a success and welcomed by many investors including our lovely Canadian dividend income seekers.

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In this blog post, I am presenting you with Feb 2023 dividend income to show you the power of planning and consistency in investments by our lovely dividend community.

I hope I can inspire you and myself to continue our passive income journey as it gets challenging at times. The only criteria to be included in this post is to have a blog with regular monthly dividends’ earnings updates.

Let’s congratulate ourselves for getting stronger & wealthier by focusing on growth dividend stocks beating the crazy Mr. Market.

At the end of each monthly report, we will announce the top 3 monthly earners. No, this is not a competition and that’s not the point of this announcement. It is just a way to make it more inspiring and encouraging to others. Yes, we can all eventually catch up with those numbers.

Stick to the end to see the total earnings for the month of Feb 2023. Let’s dive in!

Rommel @ My Prudent Life shares his TFSA dividend income with us where he earned $$719.87  in Feb 2023 which is a fantastic 29.68% YoY growth. It is great to see that Rommel and his wife maximized their 2022 TFSA and RRSP and plan to repeat the same for 2023.

I hope one day every Canadian can maximize their TFSA by investing in solid companies.'s Dividend Income Chart (TFSA)’s Dividend Income Chart (TFSA)

Mike @ The Dividend Guy is the great investor behind the DSR portfolio which is a wonderful resource for many investors. Mike only shares the income from his pension plan which grew 12.97% annually since its Sept 2017 inception 5 years ago.

Interesting transactions in Mike’s portfolio including his sale of replacement of $ENB with $CCL.B. Mike earned $399.97 in dividends for Feb 2023 which is a 39.28% increase in comparison with Feb 2022. Keep in mind that this is a pure dividend growth portfolio with no additional capital since its inception.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

GYM doesn’t report her exact monthly numbers but based on $29,606 total annual, her average is $2,467 monthly. Great job, GYM. Keep it up! Her 2023 goal is to reach $35,000 in dividend income.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Another Loonie keeps with his beautifully detailed spending chart which I adore. He also mentions their travel budget for 2023 exceeded $5,500. This is a reminder that while we all save and invest, we still should live our life and enjoy ourselves. Money is a tool, not the purpose.

In Feb 2023, Loonie and his wife received a combined $119 in dividends which is consistent with their plans. Bravo AL’s family on adding to your investments and congratulations on crossing the $750,000 net worth.’s Dividend Income Chart

Mark @ My Own Advisor shares some changes to his monthly reporting to add more transparency to his numbers going forward. He also explains their gradual retirement plan and how much they need in monthly expenses after getting rid of the mortgage payments.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Mark doesn’t include his exact monthly numbers but based on the annual income projection of $40,308, he is earning an average $3,359 from dividends monthly. Mark, keep up your great FIWOOT leadership!

Dividend Daddy reminds us that he is on FIRE with a projected annual dividend of $66,174.83. I love how he breakdowns his average monthly expenses to live a trial retirement year.

His Feb 2023 earning was a fantastic $2,243.84. Let’s put this in perspective from his words.

  • I earned $80.14 every day from dividends
  • I earned $14.02 per hour from dividends (assuming a 9-5 PM job)
  • I earned $3.34 every hour of every day of the month from dividends

His top payment of $520.52 came from $BMO followed by $318.86 from $RY.

Graham @ Reverse The Crush shows us how he earned $79.58 in dividends in Feb 2023 which is a 4% YoY growth.

As I mentioned in the past, the dollar amount doesn’t matter. The consistency and year over year (YoY) growth is what makes the big change in this journey and Graham increased his 2022 income by 65% in comparison with what he received in 2021.’s Dividend Income

Graham growth slowed down because of his home purchase. Honestly, this is my approach too. In this rate market, paying mortgage is more important than earning dividends.

Brian @ Labour To Leisure I am so sorry for your family loss. Another reminder that we will all leave this planet one day. Spend time with loved ones while they are around you.

RIP Phyllis & Yia-Yia Maria

Money wise, Bryan received $335.22 from dividends which was a 15.12% YoY increase and started his $7,000 goal for 2023 by achieving 13% of it during Jan and Feb.'s Dividend Income’s Dividend Income

Matthew @ All About Dividends earned $718.01 in dividends which is a nice 21% increase of Feb 2022 income. This payment came from 9 stocks awhich Matthew lists in details on his blog.

Matthew, congratulations on the great start and hoping to see you crushing that $10K goal of 2023 in dividend income.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Bob @ Tawcan congratulations on your “new” old job with expanded responsibilities. Financially, he has crushed it with another amazing month by receiving $3,008.56 in dividends from 16 tickers. Bob’s dividend’s income grew by 26.25% YoY.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Rick & Ryan @ Get Rich Brothers earned $107.14 in Feb 2023 from dividends which is a 5.19% increase in comparison with Feb 2022. Here is a chart showing the annual growth of their dividend since 2009.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Sam @ My Dividend Snowball portfolio currently produces $38,046 in annual dividends. He had another fantastic month where he earned $2,229.61 in Feb 2023.

Rob @ Passive Canadian Income earned $321.22 in dividends in Feb 2023.’s Dividend Income Chart

In Feb 2023, Rob earned a total $1,332.5 in passive income from 4 different sources including dividends, private investment, solar panel, and credit card cash back.

I had no idea he is a Shaker using Shakepay while earning semi passive free Bitcoin. You can easily buy Bitcoin or Ethereum in Canada from Shakepay.

Dividendes & FNB earned $845.54 from 8 stocks and 1 ETF in Feb 2023. This is a 30.84% increase in comparison with Feb 2022.

He is steadily getting closer to his 2023 passive income of $14,000 which is achieved by 15.69% during the first 2 months of 2023.’s Dividend Income Chart

I love how he shares the small details of his income every month consistently. Thanks for the nice and detailed work and looking forward to seeing your 2023 achievement.

Investing Pursuits received a great $364.71 in dividend income in Feb 2023 which is a nice 8.88% increase compared with Feb 2022.’s Dividend Income Chart

Jordan @ Money Maaster earned a sweet $756.81 in Feb 2023 and his portfolio dropped slightly by 1.25% to a $602,432.18! 

Catherine @ La Frugaliste Futée received a sweet $250.49 from dividends in Feb 2023 and expects to receive $4,747 in 2023.

I love how she highlights all the small details including portfolio performance and expected passive income. Un travail fantastique ! Continuez !

And finally, Mr. Dreamer received $635.71 from dividends in Feb 2023. My detailed report can be found here.

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So congratulations everyone for earning a combined $18,961.28 for the month of Feb 2023.

Total Canadians 2022-2023 Dividend Income (Since June 2022)

By the power vested in me, I hereby declare My Own Advisor, Tawcan, and GYM the top 3 February’s dividend earners leaders! Congratulations friends and as always there is no trophy to be given out at this time!

Note: Please note that My Own Advisor and GYM report an average monthly income so the numbers above might not be accurate for the month of Feb 2023.

Last but not least, I couldn’t resist not mentioning this great video by our friends FIRE We Go!

Thanks for reading and see you next month!

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