March 2021 Net Worth and Income Update – Fantastic 4.96% Increase

Net Worth and Income Update

As mentioned previously, I am in the cleaning up process. Feel free to read more about my journey from the beginning and how we started from zero just years ago by reading my post here.

You can also find my first ever income report here Jan-Feb 2021 Net Worth and Income Update.

I also started a new eBay business and I sold my first ever item on eBay. Sorry not as fancy as the hype of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) but if all goes well I am looking at a $3.5 profit. Yup! That’s all my first profit unless something goes wrong and I end up in a -$13.5 loss. We shall see.

Current Non-Chequing Accounts

I am slowly moving funds from GIC and Robo accounts to Trade accounts to have more control. My goal is to only leave Mrs. Dreamer’s TFSA and Girl A & B’s RESP in Questrade Robo account (Questwealth).

GIC accounts are all over the place but I have good interest rates in 2.75% – 3.75% range. However, I am not renewing any GICs anymore and moving them to trade accounts in WealthSimple upon maturity. Hopefully WealthSimple will offer trading LIRA account by the time my LIRA GIC matures in April 2023.

I love WealthSimple Trade. It is really simple and no commission. I feel it is much better to save the trading money in my pocket rather than giving it out by using our trading platforms. However, I do my research and check technical via Questrade. The combination has been working great.

Wealthsimple Trade is Canada’s first $0 commission App.
Sign up using my referral code 8RR_5G to receive $10 to trade.

Questrade Trade

To get up to $250 or a free month in Questwealth, please use my Referral QPass 646713816388276. You will get below based on the account and your contributions.

Major changes to our accounts:

  1. RESP WealthSimple Trade account is now moved to Questrade Robo.
  2. I have a TFSA in Oaken maturing this week which will be moved to WealthSimple TFSA Trade.
  3. I contributed a total of $13500 to my WealthSimple RRSP trade account.
QuestradeRoboTFSA$75,759.55Mrs. Dreamer
QuestradeRoboRESP$41,820.75Girl A & B
QuestradeRoboRRSP$32,163.27Mr. Dreamer
QuestradeRoboTFSA$7,294.06Mr. Dreamer
EQ BankHISAHISA$49,471.94Mr. Dreamer
MeridianGICRRSP$14,601.82Mr. Dreamer
MeridianGICTFSA$6,459.08Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICLIRA$21,647.32Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICRRSP$21,367.94Mr. Dreamer
OakenGICTFSA$56,707.24Mr. Dreamer
WealthSimpleTradeRRSP$13,783.88Mr. Dreamer
WealthSimpleTradePersonal$3117.74Mr. Dreamer

Current Net Worth & 4.96% MoM Net Worth Increase

Our Net Worth grew to $344,261.09 by April 1st, 2021. This is a $16,272.15 in 1 months. I am happy with this 4.96% net worth increase during March 2021. Part of it came from the income tax return (The magic of RRSP). The rest got generated from monthly full-time pay cheques savings, market increase, dividends and savings accounts returns.

MArch 2021 Net Worth

Looking at the chart, I love how we were blessed to have a 34% Year over Year (YoY) increase of $87,675.

March Total Income (Dividends & Savings Accounts)

Since January 2021, I started calculating our income from dividends and savings accounts. You can also find my first ever income report here Jan-Feb 2021 Net Worth and Income Update.

I will not report detailed stock or ETF income till it becomes more meaningful which will be Q3 2021.

I just do not want to do a sudden move of all the funds due to the market craziness. I do believe in Time in Market rather than timing the market to some extent. Here are the numbers for 2021 for a total $1,926.96

MonthDividendsSavings AccountsTotal
Jan 2021$571.03$206.14$777.17
Feb 2021$40.28$295.02$335.30
Mar 2021$305.00$510.29$815.29

And to give a bit of more details. Here is my current Personal and RRSP Trading accounts status. There was a 1.96% total growth while expecting a 4.94% Annual Dividends Yield.

March 2021 Trade Status

This month, I also started counting my income from credit card churning, credit card cash backs, and survey points. The accumulative total as of now is $902.25.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions or feedbacks.

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