Feb 2023 Dividends, Passive Income & Liquid Networth Update

Hello Friends and welcome back to another Hustle and Passive Income update via my Personal Finance Canada blog! I hope you are enjoying my monthly reports. January was another great month for making extra income from dividends and hustling.

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Passive income number is the golden number to always pay attention to!

Feb 2023 Passive Income (Savings Accounts & Dividends) Was $1,112.01
Feb 2023 Passive Income (Savings Accounts & Dividends) Was $1,112.01

Extra Side Hustle Income Report $395

I made an extra $395 in Feb 2023. Here are the income and referral sources:

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Liquid Networth Update

As I mentioned, I am not going to calculate my liquid networth every month but I will do so whenever I find the time to put up all the accounts together and get the total balance.

I ended 2002, with a $371,082.79 balance so will see what happens in 2023.

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Liquid Networth 2016 – 2022

Dividends & Savings Accounts Income

  • Feb 2020: $0.00
  • Feb 2021: $40.28
  • Feb 2022: $284.85
  • Feb 2023: $635.71
MonthDividendsHISA & GIC CryptocurrencyTotal
Feb 2022$284.85$200.236$68.43$1,153.51‬
Mar 2022$541.57$212.00$823.32$1,576.89
Apr 2022$782.35$58.00$901.40$1,741.75
May 2022$490.06$63.00$926.00$1479.06
June 2022$981.71$60.86$1,078.00$2,120.58
July 2022$1,240.66$62.76$904.00$2,207.42
Aug 2022$385.18$64.00$844.00$1,293.18
Sept 2022$966.33$65.00$1,102.72$2,134.05
Oct 2022$1,080.51$718.00$998.00$2,796.51
Nov 2022$451.03$65.00$879.64$1,395.67
Dec 2022$1,034.87$65.00$68.22$1,168.36
Jan 2023$1,383.58$334.17$65.00$1,782.75
Feb 2023$635.71$410.05$66.25$1,112.01
Monthly Income Report Table

I received a total of $635.71 from dividends while $66.25 came from my tiny Crypto portfolio. My savings account generated $410.05 in interests.

The total $1,112.01 in passive income is equivalent to making $6.42 hourly as a full-time employee. This amount covers our monthly grocery and some bills. Isn’t that awesome?

The dividend earning is a great 224% (2.24x) growth in comparison with Feb 2023 earnings which is amazing to say the least.

Below is the list of who paid me in Feb 2023.

The top 3 payers of Jan 2023 were $TRP, $POW, and $TLF which counted for 28.2% of the total dividends income I received.

image 2

I report my purchases whenever happens on my Twitter account. I am not really keeping a detailed track of these purchases as I love dollar-cost averaging while taking advantage of Wealthsimple’s no-fee trading.

Hustle, Dividends, and Passive Income Update Summary

To summarize, I had $1,507 income from all active and passive passive sources.

My average passive income was slightly lower than my $1200 monthly 2023 goal 🤑

Finally, all my recommendations can be found under my referral page. Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions or feedbacks.

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