4 thoughts on “Complete Coinchange Review, Is It a Trustworthy Crypto Earning Platform?

  1. Hey

    Nice write up!

    I found a very high yield place , called crytpo 4 winners not sure you heard of them.

    They day trade and stuff but seems super legit.

    Thanks for your views on these platforms.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I have heard and signed up for them. Their pools are really cool and I like that they post their performance monthly.

      I have it in mind for the future reviews. What are your thoughts so far of the pools? Which one do you use? My fav is ETH pool of course but I might give the Global Crypto Pool a try in the future.

      Talk soon!

      1. Hi, Im in all 3 pools and the returns are incredible so far (just about 1 week in) if you sign up make sure to read the terms and services on the website pool page. It can get a little tricky to take out profits but it all makes sense to me.


  2. Honestly, that place should be re named “Why Work?”
    I dont have much at all in there and its pulling in 6500$/month

    Why work?


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