Best Crypto Stablecoins Savings Accounts – Compare Stablecoins Interest Rates

I was a very happy camper holding most of my stablecoins in Earn wallet until they decided to drop the rates significantly.

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Crypto Stablecoins Savings Account

In this post, I am going to share my findings while searching for the next best crypto stablecoins savings account. I will also provide a detailed comparison for the best stablecoins interest rates (Stablecoins APY).

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What Are Stablecoins and How Do They Work

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is pegged to a fiat currency like US or CAD dollar, or a commodity like gold or oil, or other cryptocurrencies. This relationship results in a relatively less volatile cryptocurrency with a goal of keeping the stablecoins’ price stable.

Stablecoins are held within the cryptocurrency ecosystem so they can serve as a bridge between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This helps simplifying the trades on crypto exchanges. They can also serve as a payment method or to send funds across international borders with minimum fee.

Some of the most popular stablecoins are Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) which are all pegged to US Dollar with a value of 1 $USD at almost all times.

You can find the complete list of stablecoins based on their market capitalization here.

Top Stablecoin Tokens by Market Capitalization by CoinMarketCap

There are four types of stablecoins which are Fiat collateralized, crypto-backed, commodity-backed, and Non-collateralized stablecoins.

You might wonder how stablecoins maintain their almost perfect one-to-one pegging. There are multiple methods which I’ll briefly mention here.

  • Reserving of pegged assets like USDC and Tether (USDT)
  • Dual coins where one is the pegged coin while the other absorbs the volatility
  • Algorithmic coins which uses math to adjust the supply in response to its fluctuations
  • Leveraged loans like DAI which is backed by an over-collateralized system. DAI is backed by PETH where its value is correlated to Ethereum

Are Stablecoins Safe or Regulated

I am just going to give you the typical crypto response, DYOR. Before investing in any stablecoin check the issuing entity including their history, disclosures, and transparency. However, some coins like USDC, BUSD, and GUSD are very unlikely to fail.

Stablecoins are a crucial part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and play a fundamental part in DeFi providing ease of trading crypto, staking, and lending.

Hopefully, we will see more adoptions and legislations to secure and safeguard both investors and stakeholders as it will benefit everyone in their financial journey.

How Does Stablecoins Savings Accounts Work

Similar to a traditional banking system, investors deposit their money in form of a digital currency, cryptocurrency, into an account which is managed by an exchange or a financial institute. In return, the investor gets a portion of the profit.

However, unlike tradition financial, the profit is shared in a fair system. The competition is high and investors move around easily if they feel their CeFi (Centralized Finance) or DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is being unfair in distributing the revenue.

There are different type of crypto stablecoins savings accounts in the market. Most centralized exchanges offer flexible accounts with no deposit term. Others, have different kinds of crypto stablecoins savings accounts.

The platforms have different rates for different coins, terms, and sometimes funded amounts.

What Is APY and APR in Crypto

APY is the Annual Percentage Yield while APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. The main difference between APY and APR is the consideration of earned interests.

APY factors in the compound interest that accrues or grows with the balance. To simplify, if the APY is 12%, investors won’t receive $10 in their first month for a $1,000 initial deposit.

But, they will receive a total $120 within a year which includes the interest on their initial deposit plus the interest on the earned interests.

On the other hand, APR doesn’t factor in the compound interest. This translates to a higher APY or annual yield number when counting in the compound interest.

Here is a great APY to APR calculator for your reference. The calculator shows that a 12% APR with a daily compound frequency is equal to 12.75% APY.

APR to APY Calculator By
APR to APY Calculator By

How to Pick the Best Crypto Stablecoins Savings Account

There are many factors to consider before choosing where to put your money. The main three factors are the interest yield (APY), platform security, and the fees.

Finding the information regarding the yield and fees are usually very straightforward on every platform. However, you will need to dig deeper and research different platforms to get a good knowledge about each crypto exchange especially their founders and security.

Main security factors are how they are protecting the customers’ assets and what security measures there are in place. Important questions should include where the assets are being stored, what’s the percentage inside cold storages, what’s the withdrawal process, where are the private keys stored and who has access to them.

You should also question how an exchange generate its promised crypto and stablecoin interest rates. Is it sustainable?

It is worth going through the platforms’ social media accounts like Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. Some platforms also use Telegram to communicate with their investors.

How Do Exchanges Pay High Stablecoins Interest Rate (APY)

Crypto exchanges have different methods of generating income. Interest on loans, crypto farming, crypto staking, currency conversion fees, withdrawal fees, and NFT sales fees are some of the revenue generating methods.

The big difference between DeFi or CeFi and traditional banking system is the revenue distribution. In DeFi and CeFi there isn’t a huge overhead nor expensive infrastructure. There are less fees to be paid as well.

In addition, DeFi and CeFi give most of the profit to their customers. Have you heard of the term Unbank Yourself? Play your role in this amazing evolution.

Highest Stablecoins Interest Rates in the Market (Best Stablecoins APY)

In this section, I am going to list the exchanges supporting high stablecoins interest rates and their currently best stablecoins APY. I will bring in the other factors later to do a complete comparison between different platforms.

To be included in this table, the earn needs to be available in most countries. For example, I am not listing Gemini as Gemini earn is only available in the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

PlatformHighest Rates StablecoinsAPYTerms
Crypto4Winners (C4W)USDT33%Flexible
Midas InvestmentsUSDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI10.7%Flexible
CoinchangeUSDC, USDT, DAI4.1%30 Days
YouHodlerUSDC, USDT, DAI, TUSD, BUSD, HUSD, USDP10.3%Flexible
CoinLoanUSDC, USDT, PAX, TUSD, BUSD, DAI10.3%Flexible

Unsurprisingly, as seen in the chart, stablecoins interest rates become lower when the earn providers become more popular. This is the typical banking system methodology by offering higher rates to absorb investors then lowering the rates when they have enough funds.

As you might have noticed, didn’t even make it to the comparison table of the best stablecoins APYs.

It is worth noting that investors can earn higher rates in platforms like Nexo, and Yield App by having a higher loyalty tier which is based on the amount of holding and getting paid in the native tokens of these platforms.

I should mention that CeFi platforms like Nexo, and have their own advantages but we are focusing on higher safe payers.

Here is the revised table after eliminating the lower payers.

PlatformHighest Rates StablecoinsAPYTerms
Crypto4Winners (C4W)USDT33%Flexible
YouHodlerUSDC, USDT, DAI, TUSD, BUSD, HUSD, USDP10.3%Flexible
Midas InvestmentsUSDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI10.7%Flexible
CoinLoanUSDC, USDT, PAX, TUSD, BUSD, DAI10.3%Flexible
Stablecoins High Interest Savings Rates

Now, I am going to provide a brief review of each platforms to find the best crypto savings account which pays the best stablecoins APY in this interesting ecosystem.

Crypto 4 Winners (C4W) Review

Crypto 4 Winners (C4W) is my latest addition and I am loving the performance so far. C4W is different than other platforms because it doesn’t guarantee a specific rate. However, it shows its amazing historical performance.

The platform offers 3 pools, BTC, ETH, and USDT. Each pool has its own features. However, as our focus ins Stablecoins, I am going to only discuss USDT which is called Crypto Global Pool.

Crypto 4 Winners (C4W) USDT Performance
Crypto 4 Winners (C4W) USDT Performance

Investors need a min 10,000 USDT to participate and they can add in 5,000 USDT increments. The fund incepted in January 2022 and so far generated 48.39%. However, it is not all good news as half of this performance is deducted as management fees.

However, even after deducting 50% and considering an average 5% performance monthly, investors are looking at 30% growth annually.

Midas Investments Review

Midas offers the highest stablecoins APY which makes it a very interesting option. It was founded in 2018 and is in the process of obtaining its license in Switzerland and Dubai.

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Opening an account in Midas is by using a Gmail or Discord account after clicking here and then enabling 2FA within the platform. Customers need to go through KYC (Know Your Customer) process to fully activate their Midas account.

In addition, Midas requires an email confirmation for each withdrawal. Based on Midas, 95% of users’ assets are stored in cold storages. Midas charged different swap and withdrawal fees.

Midas Investment Review

Midas stablecoins interest rate is currently 11.63% which can go to 14.74% if the earning is in Midas’ native token $MIDAS. This is a flexible option which can be turned on and off immediately with an option to swap $MIDAS back to other cryptos if needed.

The platform offers a unique portfolio called Yield Automated Portfolio (YAP). YAPs can be considered automatic crypto indexes with multiple assets for growth and passive income.

YAPs are represented by their unique token which can be bought by swapping other cryptos within Midas exchange. There are no managing fees for the YAPs at this point.

Midas Stable YAP - Midas SYAP

Currently there are 2 YAPs offered by Midas Investments:

  1. Stable YAP (SYAP) is 25% $BTC, 25% $ETH, 25% USDC, and 25% MIDAS. Current APY is 13.05%.
  2. DeFi YAP (DYAP) holds equal 12.5% portions of $ETH, $MIDAS, $LINK, $FTM, $AVAX, $BNB, $DAI, and $CVX. Current APY is 13.14%.

As mentioned, Midas offers swap feature between supported cryptos which simplifies the process of converting YAP to other cryptos to withdraw.

Midas Exchange Conclusion: Midas looks like to be a great choice. The only drawback of Midas in my opinion is the network withdrawal fees.

AQRU Crypto Review

Related: Complete AQRU Review, Is AQRU a Legit Crypto Earning Platform? crypto is owned by Accru Finance Ltd which is registered in Bulgaria and England. It is also a virtual assets service provider (VASP) under the Lithuanian law which makes it a regulated Fintech company in Europe.

Join AQRU using my AQRU referral S11L3M, deposit $2000 and earn $100 USDC. You will also instantly get $10 USDC for signing up.

AQRU charges $20 USD for crypto withdrawal but there is no deposit or fiat withdrawal fees. AQRU’s interface supports USD, GBP, EUR, CAD and offers 3% interest rate on USDC.

There is a minimum EUR 100 worth of deposit but no minimum withdrawal as long as the withdrawal fee is covered. AQRU pays interest daily and doesn’t have a maximum limit for their crypto savings account. It is also flexible without any lock-in term.

AQRU Crypto Conclusion: AQRU reduced their rates significantly which makes it interesting only for the $100 signup bonus. It is a regulated company with no maximum amount for their great interest rates. However, the $20 USD per withdrawal is too much.

YouHodler Crypto Review

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YouHodler is a more advanced crypto exchange than the ones we discussed so far and offers many services including crypto loans, multi HODL, and Turbocharge. I won’t go in deep discussing any of these extra services except what’s related to crypto earns.

Note: YouHodler isn’t offered to US residents.

YouHodler Rates
YouHodler Rates

The minimum deposit amount to start earning the interest is $100 USD (in crypto equivalent) where the maximum amount is $300k USD (in crypto) overall on the whole portfolio. Each person can hold one account. YouHodler pays out interest once a week.

There is no crypto or stablecoin deposit fees. However, there are different fees for fiat deposit or withdrawal. withdrawal form of the crypto wallets is also varied and can only be seen inside the wallet at the time of the transaction.

YouHodler Crypto Conclusion: YouHodler offers great stablecoins interest rates. However, unless you do some complicated loans or use the Multi HODL feature, the interest only applies to maximum $25K of the portfolio (Funds above $25K won’t receive any yield).

In addition, the withdrawal fee based on Ethereum network is variable.

CoinLoan Crypto Review

CoinLoan is a licensed and regulated crypto lending platform in Estonia, Europe and has been doing business since 2018. CoinLoan offers three services including interest account, instant loans, and crypto exchange.

CoinLoan Crypto Review - CoinLoan Yield

CoinLoan also offers one free withdrawal of ETH and ERC-20 tokens per month, including their native token CLT. More withdrawals will occur a fee while other cryptos and fiat currencies withdrawals are free.

Deposits are free in CoinLoan. Interest rate on stablecoins is 10.3% but owning and staking 2,500 CLT, increases the yield by 2% paid in CLT.

CoinLoan Crypto Conclusion: CoinLoan is a regulated crypto exchange which offers a great interest rate with no term or deposit limitations. It also offers one free withdrawals monthly on ERC-2o and Ethereum blockchain with free withdrawals on other blockchains.

However, the big disadvantage of using CoinLoan is that investors need to stake 2,500 CLT to earn the extra 2% interest rate for the competitive 12.3% APY in stablecoins.

Join Newton Exchange and earn $25 CAD after depositing $100. Join!

Best Crypto Stablecoin Savings Account

There isn’t a one size fits all kind of solution when it comes to which platform is the best. There are some factors to take into consideration when choosing a platform including the funding methods, monthly withdrawal occurrences, security risks, investments amount, and account terms.

However, as of today, Crypto4Winners (C4W) and Midas Investment are the winners by offering the highest and safest returns to investors.

If you are planning to withdraw your funds more often, choosing a platform that offers free withdrawals is important. CoinLoan offer one free withdrawal on Ethereum blockchain while CoinLoan offers unlimited free withdrawals on other blockchains.

However, CoinLoan wants investors to buy their native CLT token to receive the highest rates. Midas is a great option considering it is paying the highest yield on stablecoins.

All mentioned crypto platforms offer great yield on stablecoins and each comes with own advantages and disadvantages. They are proven to be trustworthy but can’t be fully trusted as there are no insurance backed by governments so proceed with caution and spread the risk.

There are many other DeFi platforms that can be utilized and not mentioned here. Coindix is a great resource to see the yields on many different protocols and blockchains. Platforms like Bancor, Uniswap, or Beefy offer great rates on stablecoins.

It is important to count in the transaction fees before making decisions. As of now, Ethereum gas fee can still be very expensive so Bancor can’t really be a good solution except for big transfer amounts to justify the gas fees.


My Future Strategy to Earn High Yield on Stablecoins

I am personally more comfortable with the CeFi solutions with the highest reputation and liquidity which survived the recent Crypto meltdowns.

My plan is to keep buying USDC and USDT on Newton Exchange and sending them to Midas and Crypto 4 Winners (C4W). Midas Investment has been paying me non-stop everyday since I joined. Here is my complete Midas review.

To diversify the platforms, I also utilize Nexo. I am glad Nexo is one of the survivors as it was the first earn platform I joined.

Well, that’s the plan for now but no plan can stay solid for more than a couple months considering the rapid changes in the crazy crypto world!

Happy Investing!

11 thoughts on “Best Crypto Stablecoins Savings Accounts – Compare Stablecoins Interest Rates

  1. Thanks! This is really helpful. Like you, I’m going to use Anchor and also Newton to buy my UST.

    Question: how do I send UST to anchor/terra station? It should be easy and yet…it isn’t.

    1. Hello & Thank you for reading and your kind words! I am glad this helped. I have started moving funds to Anchor myself. So far everything has been working perfectly fine from e-Transferring to Newton, buying $UST, and withdrawing to Anchor.

      The only negative part is the 0.8% spread on $UST but with the current rates on Anchor, it only takes 12.5 days to be recovered so not a bad deal at all.

      1. Do you know how the fees are calculated to send UST from TerraStation back to Newton/anywhere else? Is it a flat fee or a percentage of the amount being transferred or is it all dependent on network congestion/gas fees?

        I’ve done one test with a small amount of UST and all seems to be working. But I’m nervous about that “transfer out of TerraStation” fee as I can’t quite tell how is calculated. I don’t want to start moving large amounts until I’ve got this figured out…

        1. Hi there!

          Yes, the withdrawal from Anchor is a fixed 0.25 UST which is just $0.25 USD regardless of the amount. Welcome to the almost free blockchains.

          Also, read the update I put for Anchor please. I found a better / cheaper way to do the transfer without going through Newton / paying swap fees. You will need a KuCoin account which is very easy to get and no KYC is needed.

          Let me know if any other questions! We are in this together 🙂

          Happy Investing!

          1. Thanks. I’m figuring out out now!

            I think perhaps there is a cheaper off ramp available than sending the $UST we wish to withdraw back to Newton, given the 0.8% spread you identified. On large amounts, this spread would really add up!

            Instead, on TerraStation convert $UST to LUNA. This is dirt cheap, only a few pennies. Then send the LUNA to Then use to sell LUNA back to FIAT. According to website, they charge a flat fee of 0.015 LUNA for this per transaction (I think). This is way more affordable.

            Does this make sense? Is this your understanding of price to sell LUNA?

          2. Hello, Maybe there is a confusion here. What are you trying to achieve? In my post, I am only discussing the ways to send out of CDC and not to deposit into CDC to withdraw in local currency. To do that, I am not sure why you want to convert UST to Luna. You can send your UST directly to CDC or Newton for a flat 0.25 and then sell UST to local currency ($CAD in my case) and withdraw.

            Swapping UST to LUNA would cost money on the spreads then another spread to sell to local currency so you are paying double spreads.

  2. Hi, thanks for your research . I too is looking for a new place to park my assets after this new CDC rate slash!

    How about haru invest?

    have you heard of them?

    For now, I think Im goin to split some money with Aqru/ Nexo/ and Vauld


    1. Hello and Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Yes, I’ve looked into Haru. It seems they only have BTC, ETH, and USDT with up to 7.1% APR. USDT isn’t my choice for stablecoins due to its lack of transparency and other issues.

      Also, as I mentioned in the article, I am only considering places paying higher than 10% APY unconditionally (No term, No earn in native coins).

      Great choices especially Nexo but why are you skipping Hodlnaut or YouHodler if I may ask?

      Happy Investing!

  3. Hello,

    I dont have any stablecoin at this time. Hodlnaut and youhodler offer under 5% for BTC and ETH if you have a large stack.

    I have way over 1 btc to put to work and loved the 8.5% I was getting at CDC.

    Nexo is fine for me at gold level (5% in nexo token) but still need to put more of my assets to work in these new companies.

    I like that Vauld has over 100k download in the Play store compared to some other mentioned here with much less downloads.

    Its the wild wild west and im trying to retire early!!

    Good luck to us and thanks again

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