TD Rejected My New Credit Card Application! Boo TD!

TD Rejected my new credit card application

Seriously, What Is Happening to Me?

So yup! TD rejected my new credit card application and I don’t care.

This is my first ever Credit Card rejection. I hated Scotiabank when I first arrived in Canada because they didn’t want to increase my $500 limit. Now, I hate TD. However, I will continue my efforts to take advantage of their offers, bonuses, and deals.

Never say NO to free legal morally accepted money!

As I mentioned on a previous post reviewing Travel Credit Cards, I intended to apply for new Credit Cards in 2021 to take advantage of Bonuses.

Last night, I applied for my first Tangerine Credit Card and claimed a $100 Amazon Visa Card for the free Tangerine World Mastercard.

Tangerine Credit Card Bonus Approved $100 Amazon Gift Card
I was excited and didn’t lower the Credit limit! Will contact them tomorrow.

You can read the details of the application and how to claim your $100 here.

What I Think Caused the “Can’t Approve It, Call Us”

I got 2 TD Credit Cards last year in Feb 2020 and Oct 2020. The cards are TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite and TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Credit Card. I have already cancelled the Cash Back Visa Infinite after spending $2000 and got the 10% cash back ($200).

I also received 35000 Aeroplan Points from TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite and planning to cancel it next week.

Technically, I believe when I applied for the new card TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite to get the 60000 TD Points (Exchangeable for roughly $200 Amazon Gift Card), the system’s algorithm worked well identifying me as a “Credit Card Bonus Collector” ended up not approving my Credit Card.

I should have taken the hint. What do I mean? When you apply for any TD product, it gives you below screen initially. As I am a TD customer (No Chequing accounts, only Credit Card), I logged in my account.

However, TD without asking any questions, showed me a weird message right after the log in and the normal “We are processing your information. Please wait.”

Unfortunately, that offer has expire! They could have provided a better message before I bother applying as a new TD Client. I thought it is a system bug but didn’t realize their developers didn’t have enough creativity for the messages. Live and learn!

From how it looked like, the application didn’t even get submitted for a Credit check and the soft rejection came from TD directly.

Hey, TD! I Got Others Covering Me!

But no worries, I ACCEPTED TD’s CHALLENEG and applied for two other Credit Cards with other banks. Both got automatically approved.

You can read the details of my newest Credit Cards and how I am going to earn more free money here.

Yup, that is what happens when I am bored on a Saturday night! I will report back in a month with my credit card score when it gets updated. Let’s see how it got affected by these multiple hard credit checks.

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