Best One Day Tour of Dominica – Not Enough!

Dominica was the second island of my Caribbean adventure during Christmas vacation. As I pointed out in my Guadeloupe Report, I took the ferry from Guadeloupe to Dominica.

The views of this lush island from the ferry was magnificent.

One Day Tour of Dominica - View of Dominica from the ferry
View of Dominica From the Ferry

Immigration, Customs, and Health Clearance

Guadeloupe to Dominica ferry was a smooth and beautiful ride. Dominica has one of the most complicated Covid requirement. I had to do a PCR test, prepay for an Antigen test, fill out a health authorization form, and wait for the approval email before taking the ferry.

Our Guadeloupe to Dominica Ferry is Leaving to its Next Destination, St. Lucia
Our Guadeloupe to Dominica Ferry is Leaving to its Next Destination, St. Lucia

After getting off the ferry in Roseau, the capital of Dominica, we first lined up to do an Antigen test. This took 1.5 hours as I was the last one in the line! Upon getting the Negative test result, I got directed to immigration and then customs. Those were smooth and efficient.

Port View in Roseau, Dominica
Port View in Roseau, Dominica

Getting to My Accommodation in Dominica

After leaving the restricted area, there were many taxis waiting for passengers. However, I decided to walk as the hostel was close to the ferry terminal.

By the time I got to the hostel it was already 2 PM so I headed out immediately to do a quick tour of the capital city, Roseau.

The hostel was really clean and there was only one couple from the UK in another room. Again Covid let me enjoy a full place to myself while paying a single bed price. Coo, right?

The Majestic View From my Hostel in Dominica
The Majestic View From my Hostel in Dominica

Starting My Tour of Dominica, Walking Around Roseau

My tour of Dominica started by walking around the capital, Roseau. There is really not much to say here except that the city is small and there are still some devastations after 2017 hurricane Maria. For example, there are historical building including churches with damaged roofs.

This Church's Roof Hasn't Been Repaired Since Hurricane Maria in 2017
This Church’s Roof Hasn’t Been Repaired Since Hurricane Maria in 2017

The city felt safe to me and there were multiple places to withdraw money from. I found that CIBC charges $5 USD for every ATM withdrawal. However, National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) in Dominica didn’t charge any withdrawal fees.

Travel Hack: Walk around and try multiple ATMs before withdrawing money to save the withdrawal fees. I also used my Prepaid Visa card which doesn’t charge Foreign Exchange or Withdrawal fees.

Here are some photos of this beautiful city from my tour of Dominica which surrounded by astonishing views. I loved the rainbow views over the city. It felt really magical.

After walking around till it got dark and buying some food, I headed back to the hostel to get organized and enjoy some night views from the see. I also had to plan for my second day which included the flight to St. Lucia.

The Real Dominican Adventures on My Last Day in Dominica

On my second and last day of Dominica, I had to find a way to get out of the city and do some real Dominican adventures.

I organized a tour with a random local driver I found in the city center who gave me better prices than others I talked to. He agreed to take me to the Waterfalls and then to the airport which is on the Northern side of the island.

He basically committed a whole day with me for 200 East Caribbean Dollar or $94 CAD.

Trafalgar Falls, Dominica
Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

After enjoying the hike and swim in the Waterfalls, we headed to the airport which took about an hour of drive through some of the most beautiful mountains I have been to. Also, it was raining almost all the way there.

Douglas–Charles Airport which is Dominica’s main airport was a very interesting airport. There was no screens for departure passengers. We just had to sit and wait for someone to come scream the departure announcements.

It is a very small airport and felt chill. The check-in process was smooth and organized as well.

Airplane from Dominica to St. Lucia
Airplane from Dominica to St. Lucia

What to Do in Dominica with More Days

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time but if I had one more day in Dominica, I’d have loved to hike the 8 hours to the Boiling Lake. This hike was shorter before hurricane Maria but the damage added about 2 KM to the original hike.

Other activities to do in Dominica are Middleham Falls, Titou Gorge, Dominica Botanical Garden, Emeral Pool and Nature Trail, and any of Dominica beaches.

My Dominica Expenses

As with all my travel reports, I love to include the details of my expenses in $CAD.

Covid Antigen Test: $28.53

Grocery: $15.66

Hostel (Roseau Hostel & Beach Front Property): $28.36

Flight Dominica to St. Lucia: $141.40

Taxi (To Falls and Airport): $94.20

Total: $308.15 CAD

Final Thoughts of my One Day in Dominica

Honestly, one day wasn’t enough at all. It was more like 24 hours and I wish I had more time in Dominica. Logistics during Covid can be confusing.

I am glad I could do a small tour of Dominica and get a taste of this beautiful island. It is more like sampling the island than visiting the whole island. As you see in my expenses, I spent a lot for what I got all thanks to Covid complications.

All in all, it was a great experience and I am grateful to have added another stamp to my passport during this uncertain times. Thanks for reading as always.

5 thoughts on “Best One Day Tour of Dominica – Not Enough!

  1. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Looking to visit Dominica one day myself. Been to other places in the Caribbean. Many great islands to explore.

    1. Hello & Thank you! Indeed. I think Dominica is the greenest island in the Caribbean. I am going back again in couple weeks and this time will visit more places from the cruise. Hopefully, will be able to share the story here.

    1. I am going back soon. However, sadly again won’t have enough time to do the best of Dominica which is hiking the boiling lake. It has changed so much since 2017 sadly. Longer and steeper.

  2. Dominica is are nature paradise, ideal for nature lover, countless waterfalls, hot springs, rainforest is amazingly lush and beautiful. the island is home to some of the Caribbean friendly people.

    Elvis / E Voyage Dominica was our Naturalist Tour Guide and Driver! His amazing

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