The Combined Magic Of Canadian Dividend Income Earnings, July 2022

My first combined report in June 2022 was a success and welcomed by many investors including our lovely Canadian dividend income seekers. Here is the July 2022 report.

I hope I can inspire myself and others to continue our passive income journey as it gets challenging at times. The only criteria to be included in this post is to have a blog with regular monthly dividends’ earnings updates.

At the end of each monthly report, we will announce the top 3 monthly earners. I realize this is not a competition and that’s not the point of this announcement. It is just a way to make it more inspiring and encouraging to others. Yes, we can all eventually catch up with those numbers.

Some of our great friends didn’t post their July income or I couldn’t find the article to include them here. I might have also missed some accounts which I apologize in advance.

In that case, please contact me via email, Twitter, or even better comment below so I can add you for the next month.

Let’s start by the total number. You guys earned $33,411.89 in July 2022 which is a 13.6% MoM increase in dividends income.

Melissa @ Our Life Financial shares her family life story and how she started her own journey! I’d like to congratulate her on her retirement anniversary. She received a fantastic $3,513.19 in July 2022 which is a 24.13% YoY increase.

She and her husband reached 62.5% of their $35,000 passive income goal of 2022. The largest payers for this month were $BNS, $TD, and $TRP which counted for ~ 56% of Melissa’s income.’s Dividend Income Chart

An interesting observation is that her top 3 in June produced the same 56% of her June passive income. Great job, Melissa and wishing your mother many more years of happiness.

GYM finally got to read a whole chapter of a book around the campfire! That’s an accomplishment with little kids. goal for 2022 was $25,000 in dividends and she is currently looking at a nice $25,869 forward annual dividend earnings. To put things in perspective, this translates to earning $12.44 per hour for a 40 hours a week full time job.

She doesn’t report her exact monthly numbers (or I can’t find them) but based on the total annual, her average is $2,155 monthly. Great job, GYM. Keep it up!'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Another Loonie is still using leverage to invest in this bear market with his Tangerine LOC sits at 4.70% while his HELOC is at 5.00% annually. Loonie and his wife received a combined $781 in dividends mostly from $VIU, $VCN, and $VUN.

I love reading AL’s monthly expenses and investments loans updates. Bravo AL’s family on adding another $2,200 to your investments despite the very expensive flight tickets.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Graham @ Reverse The Crush shows us how his July’s dividend grew 119% YoY to $117.05 in 2022. If a 119% YOY growth isn’t enough to inspire us, then I really don’t know what can help? The total dollar amount doesn’t matter. The consistency and year over year growth is what makes the big change in this journey.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Graham reaffirms his new goal of earning at least $1,300 in dividends in 2022 which is $100 higher than his initial $1,200 goal. I love seeing RTC’s monthly growth. Keep up the amazing work my friend.

Matthew @ All About Dividends has been enjoying long weekends this Summer by taking Fridays and Mondays off! What a great way of enjoying your Summer.

When it comes to money, he breaks down his dividends earnings based on the accounts. It is so great to see what he puts in his RRSP, TFSA, and LIRA accounts. He received $671.30 in July 2022.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Matthew, I love your dividend’s meter! It is so unique and cool to look at. Great work and you are on track reaching your $8,500 annual goal for 2022.

Bob @ Tawcan is spending his Summer harvesting his amazing garden full of fruits and vegetables! When it comes to dividends, he crushed it with another amazing month by receiving 18 paycheques in July 2022 which added up to the total $4,528.69.

Bob’s dividend’s income grow by 38.49% YoY and look how adorable this monthly chart since 2011 looks like. It is amazing to see how Tawcan has been consistent with his investment strategy for over a decade.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Do you want to know the most inspiring part of the strategy? Below is the answer. Amazing work, Bob.

By enrolling in DRIP, we accumulated 82 additional shares in July and reinvested $3,267.61 of our July dividend income. In other words, we were able to reinvest 72.2% of our July dividend income.

Bob @

Mark @ My Own Advisor targeted $27,000 in dividends’ income for 2022 and he is already crossed the target with his current $27,519 forward dividend income.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Mark doesn’t include his exact monthly numbers but based on the annual income, he is earning an average $2,293 from dividends monthly. Mark keep up your great FIWOOT leadership!

Michael @ Passive Prairie F.I.R.E added $43.15 to his passive annual dividend income through July purchases. He earned $823.87 in dividends in July 2022 which is a fantastic 65.1% growth YoY. He earned $5778.14 in 2022 so far and on track to reach his $10,000 goal.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Great job, Michael. Let’s see the numbers grow in August.

Fin Dependence Canada final goal is to reach $50,000 in annual dividends. They received a total of $2,088.36 in July 2022 which is a 89% YoY increase.

Current year’s projection is $19,376.42. Their top payers were $BCE, $POW, $BNS, $TRP, and $CM for July 2022.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Great job guys! Can’t wait to see August’s numbers.

Sam @ My Dividend Snowball had another fantastic month where he earned $3,355.37 in July 2022. This is a 16.57% YoY increase.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Sam’s current yield is 4.01%.  However, the yield on cost of is portfolio is 5.07%. Sam’s current portfolio generates $38,046 in 2022’s forward dividends. Just inspiring to look at Sam’s numbers and growth. Keep up the great work.

Dividend Daddy numbers make me bow or take my hat off in respect! I mean, come on! $6,051.79 in one month is just beyond my imagination. Do you know what this means?

It means, he earned $36.02 per hour as a 9-5 full time job employee! Almost all this income was from dividends and distributions excluding a small $343.36 portion which came from rental income.

Almost half of his dividend income came from 5 holdings which are $BNS, $AQN, $BCE, $TRP, and $T.TO (Telus). What can I say, my friend? Just wonderfully amazing. Bravo!

Rob @ Passive Canadian Income broke the $2,500 passive income record and earned $1,336.01 from 22 stocks’ dividends in July. His DRIP added $52.49 to his yearly forward dividend’s in July 2022.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

I am always amazed by Rob’s purchases which he shares on his blog. Great job on all the recent purchases taking advantage of the market’s correction. Also, congratulations on the extra $1,000 passive income from other sources.

Rob, so glad to hear your dad finally had his surgery and it was a success. Wishing him many more healthy happy years and awesome camping trip with family. Thanks for sharing.

Dividendes & FNB earned $1,304.40 from 13 stocks and 2 ETFs in July 2022 which is a 48.91% YoY growth. His 2022 goal of receiving $12,000 in dividends is 58.62% achieved.

I love how he shares the small details of his earnings every month consistently. Thanks for the nice and detailed work and looking forward to seeing your 2022 achievement.

Investing Pursuits received a great $794.66 in dividend income in July 2022 from 15 different companies. Last month, he reported a $48.05 income in option premiums but I don’t see any similar earning in July 2022.

However, in the first 7 months of 2021, he received $3515.51 from dividends in comparison with $4098.71 in 2022 which is an increase of 16.59% over the same period of 2021.'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

Jordan @ Money Maaster shares their farm experience full of cute pictures. When it comes to money, he earned a sweet $1944.22 in July 2022 in his TFSA and RRSP accounts. 32% of this income was tax free. It is fascinating to see how Canadians are taking advantage of TFSA account to maximize their portfolio.

Jordan is hoping to crack $18,000 by year end.  35% of his dividend income ($3512.44) in 2022 has been completely tax free versus 25% in 2021. I couldn’t help but sharing this cute pic!

Boomers Funny Farm

Catherine @ La Frugaliste Futée received a new milestone by receiving $413.22 from dividends in July 2022. Her portfolio generated a great $1,646.69 in dividends this year alone.

Catherine’s goal is to earn more than $4,800 in 2023. As always, the increase is much more important than the dollar figure. Her YoY increase was 94.88% compared with July 2021.

I love how she has this below table showing her expected passive income up until June 2023. She is looking at an average $400 per month in dividends.

Un travail fantastique ! Continuez !'s Dividend Income Chart’s Dividend Income Chart

And finally, Mr. Dreamer received $1,240.76 in dividends in July 2022. My detailed report can be found here.

Total Canadians 2022 Dividend Income (Since June)
Total Canadians 2022 Dividend Income (Since June)

By the power vested in me, I hereby declare Dividend Daddy, Tawcan, and Our Life Financial July’s dividend earners leaders! Congratulations friends and sorry there is no trophy to be given out (this time)!

And finally, why not hitting Freedom 35 YouTube channel and learn about his Google Options Challenge!

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  1. Wonderful roundup post and I love that you’ve included other dividend blog results as well. Congrats on 21K on YTD dividends! That’s might impressive!

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